Manu Rios

Manu Rios is a Spanish TV personality. He started his career by appearing in “Cantando en Familia”, a bilingual event designed for children of all age when he was nine. During his lifetime he took several roles in different sectors of the show business like “Tu Si Que Vales”, “Cántame cómo pasó” and even “Les Misareble”, showing to the whole world how versatile can be.

Manu loves to sing, dance and surf the internet, acting apart. He is ambitious, strong and determined. He is working hard to achieve his ambition to become the biggest superstar ever known. His favorite music stars are Adele, Rihanna, Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber and 1D. He has also a YouTube channel where he vlogs and post song covers.

“I didn’t know
that you would stick with me
most people leave
when they see the real me”
Manu Rios


Manu Rios

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