V - Kim Taehyung

V is a Korean singer and one of the members of BTS, a K-pop band.
He was born in Daegu on the 30/12/95. Kim loves black and white color, as well as purple.
He likes meat, painting and his favourite painter is Van Gogh. He won an award for the most handsome man in 2020.

V would have loved to become a saxophonist and he has two siblings.
His parents have a farm where he would have worked if he wouldn’t became famous.

V hates seeing people cry, loves Gucci and most of all his dog, Yeontan (tantan). He plays video games, photography and Jazz music.

Army I purple you!
Purple is the last color of the rainbow colors. It means I will trust you and love you for a long time.
Kim Taehyung


Ariana Grande
Taylor Swift
V – Kim Taehyung
Shawn Mendes
Harry Styles

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